I'm Marissa. I'm an all round designer with experience in a range of different expertise. I started fine art painting originally - just painting away in my room. From then I have expanded my experience to all different areas. I graduated in 2012 with First Class Honours in BA Animation. I studied many aspects of design within the course including motion graphics, graphic design and illustration. I was nominated for Best 2D in my end of year awards which topped the year off! 

Since university I've had creative jobs which include working within a design team to taking control of a whole brand. I currently work in marketing within the games industry in Vancouver. I was fortunate to work on marketing for Sony Playstation in the UK where one of my videos was their most successful portrait video on social media. Woo! I have also taken on projects as an individual which included creating the proposition animation video to be used for client meetings/pitches. I even won a competition in my last employment to go SXSW in Austin Texas! Whut.. Besides design I have an interest in films, visual effects, photography, netball, piano, guitar, games, podcasts, music & travel!